For David Genevois, there’s nothing contradictory about this description, which corresponds to a tangible reality. He knows what daily experience at worksites is like, and he also knows how to find simple, effective solutions for the complex problems which are frequently encountered there.

David Genevois has observed that traditional systems for installing cables are essentially makeshift, polluting and hit-and-miss. Core removal is time-consuming and the materials used tend to shred quickly. This is why this inventive plumber came up with an innovative system to provide a definitive, ecologically friendly answer.

In 1999, he took out a patent which led a few years later to the development of the UNIBOITE installation box. UNIBOITE is recyclable, can be used everywhere and is the first polypropylene form box with feet, which enables it to adapt to all slab heights and facilitate proper concrete flow.

To produce and market his invention, David Genevois created AINCORPORATION in 2008. Over 150,000 boxes have been sold, and the invention won the ARTINOV 2010 trophy for innovation. And this was only the beginning. Now, the company launches BTBOX, a second-generation box and the only extractible form box which can be recycled immediately, along with the INCORPACK global concept which revolutionizes the concept of installation.