For all slab heights and tubing diameters

A product made in France!



  • SAVE TIME: no preparation needed, no assembly (unlike the folding system), substantial stripping time
  • SAVE SPACE: Stacking boxes (1,000 per pallet)
  • INCREASE RELIABILITY: Les pieds de la boîte de réservation BtBox portent sur le coffrage, ce qui procure une bonne stabilité. Ils permettent un passage du béton plus facile sous la boîte évitant les imperfections en sous-œuvre.
    with two options:
    _ Without feet to set directly on the concrete slab;
    _ With adjustable feet to adapt to concrete slab thickness. Each foot adds 3 cm.
  • BENEFIT THE ENVIRONMENT: The box is made of 100% recyclable polypropylene. It can be removed from the slab after drying for immediate recycling.
    And it’s 100% Made in France!


. NET containing 25 form boxes + net containing 25 stacked lids + plastic bag with 100 feet + plastic bag with 10 joints
Additional boxes and/or lids and/or feet and/or joints may be ordered.

See a net

. PALETT containing 1000 BTBOX sets (form boxes + lids + feet + joints)

See a palett

Unique advantages


Five openings are better than three.


Adapts to two different tubing sizes (40 mm and 50 mm)


Feet can be removed and adjusted; they disappear on base slabs and adapt to the height of formwork slabs.


To attach the box to the framework, there are notches on top of the box for wires; retainer bands under the box guide the plastic connections.


Special junctions enable attaching several boxes together for special worksite needs.


It’s easy to see the bright box color at the worksite, and the rigid plastic lid holds the weight of a man standing on top

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