the universal form box

A product made in France!



  • All slab heights, all sheathing diameters, all types of floors (casings, concrete slabs).
  • Ease of implementation.
    No preparation needed before installing the box (assembly, drilling, folding, etc.).
  • The form box feet sit on the formwork for proper stability.
  • The feet enable running the concrete under the form box to avoid substructure defaults.
  • Since the form box is set back from the finished slab, surface results are better and there is not interference with worksite circulation.
  • Simple core removal by removing the box lid.
  • Casing continuity for tubing replacement if necessary.
  • Recyclable product which respects the environment.
  • Easy storage with stackable form boxes (1000 per pallet).
  • UNIBOITE® is a patented, trademarked product.


. NETS containing 25 lids for form boxes

See a net

. PALLETS with 1000 unibox sets (form boxes + lids)

See a palett

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